Sarah Stewart 

"I was given my pre-made scrapbook at my baby shower. I absolutely love it! I do not have time to sit down and make my daughter a scrapbook. The great thing with this one is all I have to do it put in the pictures. It was customized to my daughter and looks great. Love it! Thank you!

Amy Howell 

" "This was such an amazing gift! I am not a creative person at all! I loved the idea of scrapbooking, but actually doing it was overwhelming. I received a pre-made scrapbook as a baby shower gift and I filled it in two months! It was so easy; all I had to do was add the pictures. This was probably my favorite baby shower gift. Thanks Vikki & Randi"


"Hey, I bought two custom scrapbooks from Scrappy Sisters.  They were awesome!  I provided them with information of hobbies, pets, and schools and they put together wonderful books that my friends could just plug their own pictures in.  They loved them.  Thanks Scrappy Sisters!"


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